Harmonium : Disturbed Earth
Treatments and Production: Igneous Flame

Released July 2009
Artwork by Kati Astraeir

'Harmonium' is an album that was almost not made - but fate thought otherwise...

Here's the story:
In July 2008, Dean Richards (Disturbed Earth) sent an unreleased album of his harmonium material to Pete Kelly (Igneous Flame), with a view to him doing a rework of that album. After repeated listenings, Pete undertook some initial musical 'sketches', but he wasn't satisfied with his initial input and as he was also working on other projects, he temporarily put it aside.
He returned to it frequently (without a great deal of success) and proceeded to do a significant amount of wotk on the material in January 2009. At the end of that month, something 'clicked' and he realised he could actually 'do something' with it. So, he then worked intensively on it and finished the project at the end of February. At that point He felt confident to tell Dean that it was finished and here it is !'

Track Listing and samples

1 'I' mp3 (edit)

2 'II I' mp3 (edit)

3 'III'

4 'II II'

5 'IV'

6 'II III' mp3 (edit)

7 'V' mp3 (edit)

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