The more accessible of the two releases, ('Halo' being it's sister release) 'Flicker' is primarily tonal with an under-current of ethereal mystery and depth. Constructed from Achromus's synth textures and Igneous Flame's e-bow guitar lines and abstracted harmonic shapes, melodic phrases are woven around tonally shifting soundscapes. The album's dark luminosity shines throughout
Composition, guitar, sound-design and production by Igneous Flame Composition and synths/pads (source sounds) by Achromus

Release date August 2008
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1 'Evergreen'
2 'Sinuhe' mp3 (edit)
3 'Off the Horizon'
4 'Perfume'
5 'Novus Ordo Mundi'
6 'Salve' mp3 (edit)
7 'Omek'
8 'Colourfield' mp3 (edit)
9 'Through Air and Glass'
10 'Glowing Halo'
11 'Sense of Return' mp3 (edit)
12 'Accumulator' mp3 (full track 4:23)
13 'Oxytoxin'
14 'Snowflake'