'Igneous Flame'
'Releasing fine ambient since 2003...'

Pete Kelly AKA Igneous Flame, is a singular artist who walks his own path. He strives to create ethereal, subtle yet powerful ambient music without pandering to trend or overt influence.

Since 2003, he has created a body of work containing 12 solo and collaborative releases. His catalogue contains polar opposites of ethereal, sonorous work as well as more difficult, unsettling material. His work has been played on New Age radio stations as well as having being reviewed in Industrial music magazines. He endeavours to create a sonic canvas containg a wide range of colour and texture, not being limited to any particular sub-genre.

He worked for a long time on his ambient material prior to releasing his first album,'Tolmon' in 2003 and has achieved significant critical acclaim and radio airplay since then. Characteristically, his albums have an esoteric and a spatial element. The former arising from his hyper-sensitivity and the latter from his interest in surround- sound techniques.

His considerable musical background and experience makes him highly discriminating, releasing albums that have seen a considerable amount of 'self-editing'. He enjoys collaborative projects, particularly relishing the role of Producer.

Igneous Flame is influenced by the natural world, mystery, beauty, dreams and silence.

He has currently released 16 solo albums:

TOLMON (2003) Ethereal Ambience
INTOX (2003) Dark Ambience
OXANA (2004) Ethereal Ambience
SATU (2005) Guitar Soundscapes / Ethereal Ambience
ASTRA (2006) Guitar Soundscapes / Ethereal Ambience
HYDRA (2007) Ethereal / Dark Ambience
ELECTRA (2009) Amorphous Guitarscapes / Ghost Voices
ION (2010) Ethereal Ambience
ORCUS (2010) Dark Ambience
LYRA (2010) Soundscapes / Ethereal Ambience
(last CD release)

Harmony through Conflict (download only release) (LS-08) 31/12/12
NYX (download only release) (LS-09) 5/7/13
Lumen (download only release) (LS-10) 21/3/14
IKON (download only release, Bandcamp only at present) (LS-11) 3/7/14
Opaline (download only release) (LS-13) 3/3/15
IRIS (download only release) (LS-14) 3/3/15

All of the albums which were released as CDs have now sold out, but are still available as downloads from iTunes, emusic, et al.

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